Software tools I have developed

R Packages

prisonbrief. The goal of prisonbrief is to download, clean and return data from the World Prison Brief website. The World Prison Brief is an online database compiled by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research with information on prison systems around the world. Data currently cover 223 jurisdictions and have been collected from public sources. The prisonbrief package provides easy-to-use functions to convert WPB data into a format convenient for statistical analysis. A short tutorial can be seen here. Written with Robert Myles McDonnell.

congressbr. Downloads and tidies data from the Brazilian Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies Application Programming Interfaces. congressbr has a series of functions that search for details on votes, individual legislators, commissions, and other options. Written with Robert Myles McDonnell and Guilherme Jardim Duarte.

LaTeX Templates

LaTeX templates for academics. Templates for academic theses, articles, beamer presentations, posters and CVs. All have the same fonts and similar formatting.

(R)Markdown Templates

RMarkdown article template. A very simple article template for RMarkdown. It uses Linux Libertine and Inconsolata fonts, British English spelling, darkblue colour for links, double spacing, back references, and numbered sections. The template also has pre-formatted entries for article abstracts, keywords, and JEL classification codes. Check out the example code and the pdf output to see how it looks like.

King’s College London thesis template. A Markdown template that conforms to King’s College London’s PhD guidelines. It follows the same style of the article template.

Shiny Apps

preditk: A simple word prediction algorithm.